Din Does It! Cheeky Sandwiches Owner Bikes to NOLA in Time For Mardi Gras

In celebration of Mardi Gras, we have some news about Din Yates, the affable proprietor of Cheeky Sandwiches.  As you might recall, Din set out Sunday, January 29th on foot for New Orleans, his home town.  His intention was to walk and run the 1300 miles between New York and NOLA.  Later he thought better of this plan and decided to travel by bicycle instead. Well, we received word that Din finally made it on Sunday, almost exactly three weeks from departing the Lower East Side.

Din’s friend, Ricardo, sent us an updated version of the map hanging in Cheeky’s. Titled “Where is Din?,” customers scribbled all sorts of encouraging notes on the wall, cheering him on from afar.  Ricardo says Din won’t be back for another week or so. But in celebration of his big accomplishment Cheeky Sandwiches, located at 35 Orchard Street, will be staying open until midnight this coming weekend. They’ll plan on keeping the late hours going forward.  And, as we noted in our last story, Cheeky’s is now selling beer and wine.