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Update: Teenager Killed on Delancey Street

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More on the terrible accident on Delancey Street this afternoon that left a 12-year old girl dead.  We understand police have not yet determined whether the driver who struck the victim, Lower East Side resident Dashane Santana, near the Clinton Street crossing, had a green or a red light.  There are cameras on the Williamsburg Bridge, but they do not record images. Police are checking to see whether any other cameras in the immediate area might have captured the accident.

Traffic enforcement police were stationed on Delancey Street this afternoon but they did not see what happened. At the time, the officers were standing on the westbound side of the street.

Tonight two elected officials are out with statements concerning the tragedy. First, State Senator Daniel Squadron who, last year, convened a “Delancey Street Safety Working Group” to address a wide range of concerns following several deadly accidents:

“Today an unspeakable tragedy happened on Delancey Street.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the young victim.  We must continue to work together as a community to make Delancey Street safer for everyone.”

And Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer:

Tonight, New York City mourns the senseless death of a sixth grade girl who lost her life while crossing Delancey Street today. This devastating loss is only the latest in a string of tragic accidents that have occurred on Delancey – numbering into the hundreds over the past decade. In both May and August of last year, New Yorkers lost their life navigating this intersection. Between 2008 and 2010, 523 motor vehicle accidents occurred at Delancey and Essex. The City must act now and not wait a second longer. We can no longer go about its daily business with the knowledge that one of our central intersections is irrefutably perilous.  A safety overhaul of Delaney Street is needed immediately. I have proposed increased crossing times, expanded medians, the use of pedestrian managers, and improved signage directing pedestrians to the safest crossing areas. These remain viable options for the City and would not be burdensome to implement. I once again demand immediate action to protect the safety of New Yorkers. As a city, we need to be as serious about traffic safety as we are about crime. We cannot afford to wait another day for action. I cannot imagine the heartbreak her family must be feeling at this time and extend my deepest sympathies to her loved ones. They will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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  1. brooklyn-bound cars repeated blow through the red light at clinton and delancey with total disregard for pedestrians crossing with a walk signal…it is beyond ridiculous.  it is horrific what happened today, but sadly, not surprising.  the traffic officers do nothing to protect pedestrians at this crossing…efficient traffic flow is one thing, however, preventing fatal accidents of pedestrians is by far another.  ms. sadak-kahn has made bike lanes and the like her priority however it seems pedestrians have moved to the bottom of the list…let’s focus on making all our streets first safer for pedestrians which make up the bulk of new yorkers, then we can move onto bikers and vehicles.  

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