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Teenage Girl Killed on Delancey Street

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A 12-year old girl was killed on Delancey Street this afternoon, after being struck by a Toyota Sienna minivan. It happened around 3:30 p.m. as the Castle Middle School student was heading north on Clinton Street with a group of friends.  According to Gothamist, she was rushed to Downtown Hospital, but there was nothing doctors could do. More from Gothamist:

One witness, a friend of the victim, says, “We were crossing the street and the light changed real quick. She started going, and then she stopped, but she tripped. The van hit her twice. The first time it hit her, then when it stopped and realized that it hit her, it hit her again.” Another student, who said she was the girl’s best friend, says, “The crossing guard didn’t even do anything they kept on waving cars through, telling them to go. You see the blood on the ground? That’s where it hit her.” The girl’s friend was extremely distraught and crying, but fortunately her mother soon arrived. The driver, who spoke through a Chinese reporter acting as an interpreter, seemed angry. “There were five kids in the road,” he told us through the interpreter. “Three guys in the front, two girls in the back. They ran the red light and…” He made smacking motions with his hand/fist to communicate what happened. The driver was taken away by NYPD, but the NYPD press office does not have any information about any charges.

DNA Info reported “no criminality” is suspected, which is “NYPD speak,” meaning no charges will be filed.


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  1. All of ours , Well Mine , I saw her today , I freaking gave her a Hug !!! Too Soon , I guess tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone <|3

  2. I sent a letter to Sheldon Silver detailing the problems crossing Delancey. No response. Truly, the most egregious issue is that the traffic cops do nothing.Nothing with a capital N. It’s a death trap waiting to happen, and it happened.

  3. It used to be safer; but then the city decided, during the W’burg bridge renovation, to effectively make it easier for drivers to speed onto and off of the bridge. That decision effectively created this situation. It doesn’t take a genius to see that people below Delancey were shopping and conducting other business on Clinton at that time as they are now. It used to be that we could catch a bus across that point of Delancey; but no more.

    That the two areas above and below Delancey at the W’burg bridge are a single neighborhood was effectively ignored by the city; and preference and privilege was given to people who do not live in our neighborhood and merely drive through, and ultimately abuse, it.

    It seems to me that one of the reasons some older businesses along Clinton closed is because it is MUCH harder, and dangerous, for people below Delancey to cross it.

  4. For this to happen again at this intersection is deplorable. The DOT is negligible in the death of DASHANE SANTANA.
    A simple 4 foot wrought iron fence running along Delancey St on both the north and south sides from Clinton to Essex streets with openings for crosswalks and more time to cross would make sense.
    Interestingly that is the situation on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge
    at City Hall.
    Funny how things get done in that neighborhood.
    How on earth the center promenade on Allen st takes president over Delancy st is beyond me. More cyclist have been killed at this intersection than all of Manhattan. (200 odd in 8 years)
    The DOT are incompetents and I am disgusted at city Hall right now.


  5. Worse than nothing. I’ve had to wait at a walk light to cross while traffic cops keep cars moving through red lights onto the bridge. Crossing Delancey has to be escalated to top priority for our neighborhood.

  6. Another terrible tragedy.  I cross Delancey everyday and it is rediculous that I have to run across the street before the quick light changes.  Why we make the city more convenient for drivers and not the people in the neighborhood I will never understand.  Suggest using the land under Delancey to reroute cars under this busy street. Would be a strong economic boon to the neighborhood and potentially prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again. 

  7. wow no charges r going to be made is like these drivers in nyc own the streets. well they should put the law in giving pedestrians their right away to cross.

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