New Apartments at 138 East Broadway Hit the LES Market

138 East Broadway.
138 East Broadway.

In the past several days, brokers begun showing 138 East Broadway, a new residential building just to the west of Seward Park. There are 23 units being offered, ranging in price from $565,000 (1 bedroom) to $1.5 million (3 bed, 2 bath).

The developer told World Journal (via Our Chinatown), the Chinese language newspaper, that he’s optimistic based on recent open houses.  While initially worried about putting the building up while the real estate market was tanking, he explained (paraphrasing), “many Chinese buyers have taken part in advanced sales, attracted to the excellent location and the quiet the building delivers amid the hubbub of Chinatown.”

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Apartment 9A, being offered for $1,563,000: