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Lower East Side Storm Watch Sunday Morning: More Photos of Flooding

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Dog in the storm - photo © thelodownny.com

East River flooding - photo © thelodownny.com
East River flooding - photo © thelodownny.com
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  1. I can’t believe there are people wading in that water. People did you even think about what could be in that water, yuck!

  2. People are GROSS!!!! Just Gross. Voluntarily wading in that filthy water!!! Would you swim in the east river? NO!!!! Would you swim
    in the east river combined with the filth and trash all over the
    street?! HELL NO! Really, people. Gross. You should be refused at the
    hospital when you show up with a freaking eye or foot infection.

  3. John, we;ve been trying to confirm this to no avail . . . any official source for this information that you know of?

  4. No one ever said Lower East Siders were, as a group, the sharpest or brightest.

    Then again, maybe all the idiots are from the midwest. Yeah, that’s gotta be it.

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