Living Theatre Offers Free Live Stream of Final Performances of KORACH

The Living Theatre is honoring the spirit of the Egyptian Revolution by live-streaming their final performances of KORACH – a play about “the first recorded anarchist in history.”  The piece was written and directed by living legend Judith Malina, a pioneer in experimental and political theater

KORACH follows the history of anarchists who have been wiped out because they frightened the government. Inspired by the Books of Moses, the Jewish Mishnas, and also the Psalms, KORACH begins with the Israelites’ trek through the desert and eventual uprising against Moses, lead by Korach and his tribe. Using live action and film, the play also looks at anarchists in Spain circa 1939, Russia circa 1921, and modern day. KORACH is about the necessity of any state to eliminate dissident elements within it if it is to survive – and the responsibility of revolutionaries to present their ideas in a way as to not incite violence.

You can live-stream KORACH here.

KORACH features a cast of 30, mostly young actors and some veterans of The Living Theatre. The production has original music and choreography, created by the company, and also music from composers Steve Taylor and Carlo Altomare. $20 // Feb. 23-26 // 8pm // 21 Clinton Street.