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Lady Gaga & Anderson Cooper on Stanton Street

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Photo via Cat Sitter in the City.
Cat Sitter in the City (via EV Grieve) breaks the blockbuster news that Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper are hanging out on Stanton Street. Grieve reports:

…Lady Gaga is showing Anderson her old stomping grounds at 176 Stanton… it appears that they enter the building for a tour… afterwards, the pair walk toward Clinton Street, where a police car pulls up. Lady Gaga says hello, etc. They move on. Then! The police car pulls in front of 176 Stanton, where someone who could be the super emerges and starts screaming and gesturing. Basically, he’s pe-od that Lady Gaga got into the building… Minutes later, the super is still screaming.

You can be almost certain we haven’t heard the last of this.

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