Boy Hit By Car Tonight on East Broadway

Google map.

A trusted tipster emailed a few moments ago to tell us about an accident she witnessed on East Broadway, near Seward Park earlier tonight. Apparently a boy, who looked to be about 7, ran from the park into the street, was struck and suffered a head injury.   It happened at about 645pm.  Our tipster said the boy is Chinese.

Just this summer, there have been at least two other serious accidents in the immediate area (one on Essex, the other on Clinton).  In the past, 7th Precinct officers have told us their efforts to piece together accident reports are made more difficult because witnesses seldom come forward. If you saw the incident and can share more information, please Email us.

We’ll be following up on this story tomorrow morning.

—UPDATE 12:13am: We’ve heard from a second tipster who saw the aftermath. A medium sized crowd had gathered outside the park, near the intersection of East Broadway, Essex and Canal.  There was a maroon colored sedan stopped in the middle of the street.The boy was sitting on the pavement and an adult, probably a parent, was holding him. He was crying and had blood on his face, but the witness said he seemed coherent. He added, “this little triangle of street is incredibly dangerous.  When cars are driving West on East Broadway, they NEVER EVER signal whether they’re going to continue down East Broadway or bear right onto Canal.  And there’s a damned playground right there!  It was an incredibly sad sight.”