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More on Yesterday’s Fatal Bike Accident

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51458657-05181859-400225There are a few more details about the accident on Delancey Street yesterday afternoon that resulted in the death of a bicyclist. A witness told NY1 the bicyclist, a woman, hit a pothole on Delancey, fell over, and was then hit by a school bus:

WPIX was on the scene yesterday afternoon

"She was just trying to get away from the school bus and the school bus
just kept driving, and it was getting closer and closer to her.

everybody's screaming at him, 'There's somebody behind you!' And she
was trying to avoid the pothole, but once she hit the pothole, that's
when she fell over," said one witness.

WABC reported two children were inside the Atlantic Express Bus, but were not injured.

The accident happened near Ludlow, around 4:30pm, apparently in the east-bound lanes. Streetsblog noted:

The intersection is just a few blocks away from the entrance to the
Williamsburg Bridge. Since 2008, volunteer group Adopt-a-Bike Lane has
been advocating for a protected bike path
on this stretch of Delancey. "This is tragic news — no one should risk
his or her life to get to and from the most popular bridge for biking
in the country," said Adopt-a-Bike Lane coordinator Marin Tockman. "We
can only hope that in the wake of such sad news that our city officials
do something to improve this essential corridor."

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