7th Precinct Report


Don West-7th Precinct Commnity Council President, Captain Barry-Commanding Officer 7th Precinct, Deputy Inspector DeQuatro-Commanding Officer 9th Precinct, Police Officer Gallagher-9th Precinct, Police Officer Demlar-9th Precinct, Detective Madden 7th Precinct Detective Squad

We were on hand for last week’s 7th Precinct Community Council meeting as Captain Nancy Barry reported that overall crime (within the 7th Precinct) is down 36% in the last 28 days. There have been 28 less major crimes than last year, robberies are down 72% (5 this year vs. 22 last year), grand larceny is down 20% (24 this year vs. 30 last year) and burglaries and felony assaults are also down. Captain Barry mentioned some crime prevention techniques for car break-ins, and encouraged people not to leave their GPS systems and personal property out overnight in vehicles. Speaking about preventing robberies, she suggested that people not leave pocket books and personal property unattended.

9th Precinct Commanding Officer DeQuatro was also present as Captain Barry gave awards to Police Officer Thomas Gallagher and Police Officer Christopher Delmar (both from the 9th Precinct). The two officers collaborated with Detective Kevin Madden from the 7th Precinct Detective Squad to solve a fatal stabbing case that took place on September 12th. The victim, Glenn Wright, (whom The Lo-Down reported about earlier here), turned out to have been mistakenly identified as a target by a gang looking for revenge in the Baruch Housing Developments.