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Anti-Bloomie Ad Campaign, Mayor’s Race Record, Beer Pong at the Doghouse

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Tuesday news links

CWA Local 1180 announces a half million dollar anti-Bloomberg ad campaign. That's more than Bill Thompson himself has spent on TV advertising.

City Limits takes an in-depth look at Mike Bloomberg's record on race issues. While many people give him credit for "improving the tenor of race relations," there are concerns about several of his administration's policies, including Bloomberg's aggressive push to rezone ethnically diverse neighborhoods such as the Lower East Side:

The mayor's housing plan offers some relief
to low-income renters, but the location of that housing might be part
of the problem, say some. "The polices the Bloomberg
administration has pursued on economic development have vastly
exacerbated the disparities between rich and poor in New York City and
have also encouraged not only gentrification but also displacement of
people of color from mixed neighborhoods into homogeneous areas of the
Bronx and south Brooklyn and Queens," Naison says. "During Bloomberg's mayoralty, more and more
poor people of color are being pushed out of Williamsburg, the Lower
East Side, Harlem, Bushwick, Fort Greene, even Park Slope and all the
new housing is being placed in hyper-segregated neighborhoods. I think
the big problem under Bloomberg is the re-segregation of the city by
letting the market do its work without any sort of plan."

Streetsblog asks- Why does the city's plan to revamp the Brooklyn Bridge not include a redesign of the pedestrian/bike path?

Uh oh: Grub Street reports the Doghouse has opened up on Orchard Street near Stanton, in the old Annex space:

Hipsters and rock and rollers, if you’re still clinging to the idea
that the LES is the place for you, it’s time to splash that PBR on your
face and take your first look at the neighborhood’s latest addition,
complete with photos of Yankee Stadium on the walls, four flat-screen
TVs (with six more to come), skee-ball and pool upstairs, and beer pong
— yes, the Doghouse is planning to host beer pong no matter what the SLA says.
Hot dogs are always free, margs are half-off during Monday Night
Football, Tuesday is trivia and karaoke night, and Saturday there’s a
live eighties band and oversized Sex on the Beaches.

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