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Japanese-born chef Yoshihito Kida has opened a tiny restaurant, just west of Allen Street, serving extremely fresh, authentic soba.  There are only three  tables and an 8-seat bar in this handsomely designed space. Behind the bar, you’ll be able to watch as your noodles are made on the spot. The menu offers detailed explanations of cold and hot varieties of soba, as well as the health benefits of each. There are also some nice appetizers and side dishes, including miso coleslaw and a daikon salad. Service is gracious and friendly.

61 Delancey Street, near Allen


Hours: lunch 11am-3pm; dinner 5pm-11pm

No online menu yet

Cash only, no alcohol , no takeout

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  1. I no longer need to go to East Village to eat delicious soba. I found soba at Cocoron far better; the soba has a very pleasant texture to the teeth. I ate Oroshi soba and Ikura Oroshi soba in three occasions so far, but every time it was very satisfying and the price was very reasonable. Four customers who were seated next to me were eating Yuba soba and they were enjoying it. My husband had Kimchee soba, which he loved. The spicy pickled wasabi was excellent. Apparently the chef/owner, who has more than 10 years of experience as a soba master in Tokyo, makes soba, yuba, and tofu daily from scratch. When the restaurant got busy, he began doing dishes. His humbleness is reflected upon the name of the restaurant that means “To warm one’s heart.” This is a kind of restaurant New York City needs right now. I am so happy that this restaurant is in our neighborhood and hopefully they will remain in this neighborhood in the future, because I know their popularity will demand them to find a bigger space in a very short time.

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