LES Dwellers and CB3 at Odds Over “The DL” and Other Issues

As mentioned a couple of days ago, the Lower East Side Dwellers and management of The DL, the nightlife venue at 95 Delancey St., will be meeting tomorrow evening.  The tri-level entertainment complex has had a rough relationship with some neighbors since opening at the end of 2011.  Another issue that’s come up in recent weeks is the increasingly tense interplay between the Dwellers, a neighborhood group founded last year, and Community Board 3.

CB3 Wire: Tonight’s Liquor Licensing Hearing (Updated 8:10 p.m.)

Ludlow Manor, 95 Delancey Street. Photo credit: Grub Street.

We’re sweating it out at the monthly meeting of Community Board 3’s liquor licensing panel.  For the fifth time in recent months the team behind The DL (formerly Ludlow Manor) is back before the board.   Both CB3 and the State Liquor Authority balked at the establishment’s quest to expand its liquor license to the second and third level spaces.  The huge venue, at the corner of Ludlow and Delancey streets, had been serving liquor even though a ground floor restaurant had not yet opened, a violation of the liquor license.

CB3 Liquor Licensing Committee: The DL, Lo-Fi, Zoe and More

The DL, 95 Delancey Street.

Here’s a wrap-up of last night’s CB3 liquor licensing hearing. The most time-consuming and contentious applications concerned above-Houston establishments. You can read all about the latest Community Board 3 rejection of 200 Avenue A (formerly Superdive) and the angst about a new license at “Bikinis,” 56 Avenue C in EV Grieve and The Local EV. As usual, we’ll concentrate on the below Houston applications.

The new team from the Ludlow Manor (now called “The DL”) came back the CB3’s SLA Committee in search of an expanded liquor permit for their third floor roof lounge. The big club, located at the corner of Delancey and Ludlow streets, got a license for the ground floor restaurant last May (although the restaurant wasn’t operational – serving food until this month). So far the community board and the State Liquor Authority have balked at granting the huge nightlife venue more liquor licenses (officially the SLA has listed the additional license as “pending.”)

Talking With the New Man in Charge at The DL

"The DL," 95 Delancey Street. Photo credit: The DL.

One of the neighborhood’s bigger soap operas in recent months has revolved around Ludlow Manor, the triple-decker nightlife venue at 95 Delancey Street.  The involvement of Luc Carl, Lady Gaga’s ex, plus multiple clashes with Community Board 3 and the State Liquor Authority (SLA) generated all kinds of negative PR.  Earlier this month, the club announced it was changing course —  re-branding and bringing in new management.  Earlier this week, we stopped by “The DL” (which is what they’re calling Ludlow Manor now)  to talk with Paul Seres, who’s now charged with day-to-day operations.

The club, opened by the operators of The Delancey” (168 Delancey Street), obtained a liquor license for a ground-floor tapas restaurant last year but did not have authority to serve on the second and third levels.  The venue was forced to close temporarily amid allegations from the SLA that booze was allowed on the upper floors, and that no prepared food was available (a condition of the state license). CB3 declined to support the new liquor permits, saying the applicants had repeatedly misrepresented what was really happening at Ludlow Manor.