Vandal Expressionism Takes Over Le Salon D’Art

Exactly What The Hell is Vandal Expressionism?” the debut solo exhibition of NYC-based artist (and long-time Lower East Side resident) Joseph Meloy will open this Thursday at Le Salon d’Art (90 Stanton Street).  They’ll be celebrating with a reception from 7-10pm. So what the hell is it?  Mr. Meloy explains it as: A hieroglyphic graffiti-inflected take on the spirit of abstract expressionism, Vandal Expressionism is a veritable child of New York City, drawing as much from the Abstract Expressionists of the 1940’s and 50’s as from the hordes of graffiti taggers whose scribbles and scrawls wallpaper our streets. 

Hanging With Hipsters and Hassids

Titles: 2am aka Wheres Waldo (left) & 2am Hassid Farbrengen (right)

The room was abuzz last Thursday night as people, music and colorful images filled the cramped, yet vibrant space of Le Salon d’Art (90 Stanton) for the opening reception of, “Hipsters and Hassids.” The show features the paintings of artist Elke Reva Sudin, who explores parallels within the colliding worlds of Williamsburg hipsters and Hassidic Jews.