Fire on Norfolk Street Leaves Businesses, Residents Without Power

35 Occupants of 73 Monroe St. Displaced Following Fire

Fire Breaks Out Tonight at Clinton Street Restaurant Black Crescent

A Short-Lived Garbage Fire at Seward Park Extension


Firefighters made quick work of a garbage fire at the Seward Park Extension housing complex on Essex Street this morning.  They were on the scene quickly and extinguished the blaze in a matter of minutes.

Firefighters Respond to Dumpster Fire at Vladeck Houses

Fire at the Vladeck Houses. Photo from @cooperativelyyours.

Fire at the Vladeck Houses. Photo from @cooperativelyyours.

Firefighters worked this afternoon for more than an hour to put out a fire that had been set inside a dumpster at the Vladeck Houses.  The dumpster is located in a courtyard at the public housing complex, between Water and Madison streets. No one was injured, but the smoke could be seen throughout the neighborhood.

87-Year Old Woman Dies in Fire at Vladeck Houses

Photos: Fire at 40 Ludlow St. (Updated 2:52 p.m.)

40 Ludlow St.  Photo by The Lo-Down.

40 Ludlow St. Photo by The Lo-Down.

A fire broke out this morning in an air shaft at 40 Ludlow St., a tenement located on the block between Grand and Hester streets. There were no reports of injuries, but most apartments suffered some damage.

Fire Breaks Out Inside 71 Clinton St. Restaurant

Photo by Manon van den Berg.

Photo by Manon van den Berg.

There was some excitement on Clinton Street last night. Here was the scene after a fire was put out at DoDomPa, the restaurant at 71 Clinton Street. According to witnesses on the block, the fire happened in a wall adjacent to the bathroom.  Firefighters were on the scene quickly and extinguished the blaze.

Awning Catches Fire at 49 Clinton St.

49 Clinton St.

49 Clinton St.

A little excitement outside 49 Clinton St. this afternoon after an awning caught on fire.

Three Firefighters Suffer Minor Injuries in Blaze at 75 Mott Street

75 Mott Street. Photos: NYC Fire Wire.

According to a report on Channel 11, three firefighters suffered minor injuries during a fire at 75 Mott Street yesterday.  The fire started in a third floor apartment around 4:30 p.m.  and spread to the rest of the floor, but firefighters extinguished the flames quickly.

Investigators said there was a lot of debris in the apartment, piled five feet high. The firefighters tossed a lot of it out windows.  “We need(ed) to remove everything that (was) burning from the apartment, that (was) still smoldering — get it out in the event that the fire lights up again,” deputy fire chief John Esposito said.

Department of Buildings records show three violations at 75 Mott because the boilers had not been inspected.

The photo above is from NYC Fire Wire.


One Person Hospitalized Following Fire at 157 Rivington Street

157 Rivington Street. Photos via FDNY Incidents.

About 65 firefightewrs responded to a blaze at 157 Rivington, near Clinton Street, late last night.  The call came in at 1:16 a.m. according to a FDNY spokesperson.  The fire started in a second floor apartment. One resident was injured and transported in serious but stable condition to an area hospital. 

Fire at 318 Madison Street

318 Madison Street.

We’re on the scene at 318 Madison Street, where firefighters are putting out a fire inside an apartment building.  More to come…

 UPDATE 10:50 a.m. The fire was contained to one apartment in the Vladeck Houses. No one was injured and firefighters extinguished the flames quickly.  There was a huge response for a small fire; at least 40 firefighters were on the scene. More photos after the jump.

Report: Victim in Henry Street Murder May Have Owed Money

83 Henry Street, June 29.

There’s an update this morning on the murder of two women at 83 Henry Street nearly two weeks ago. Firefighters were called to the scene on the morning of June 29 only to discover that the women had been shot in the head. The fire had apparently been set to cover up the crime.  Today AM New York reports investigators believe one of the victims may have owed money; they are focusing on an underground credit system in Chinatown.

Neither 70-year old Xiao L. Li nor 36-year old Hua Chen lived at 83 Henry. The New York Post identified the apartment building as a “known prostitution location.”  According to AM New York, however, “Investigators now are downplaying reports that Chen was connected to prostitution, although she may have known someone who was.”

At the time of the killing, Police said, Chen had “money in her possession” that might have come from the credit system, which is known as the Hui.  It’s existed in Chinatown for decades.  Participants contribute to a pool of money and they are able to withdraw funds with interest.  Investigators are apparently looking into rumors that someone in the Hui feared that Chen might leave the country without repaying the money she had borrowed.

Chen had two young children.

Small Fire Draws Heavy FDNY Presence on Stanton Street

Firemen responded to a small fire at 101 Stanton Street this afternoon.

At around 12:30 this afternoon, firetrucks rushed to the corner of Ludlow and Stanton streets after a small fire started in a wall on the bottom floor wall of 101 Stanton Street, occupied by Pimps & Pinups boutique salon. The mini blaze was immediately extinguished, but five FDNY companies turned up to lend a hand. No one was harmed during the incident.

The only apparent casualties: annoyed drivers who got stuck in place on Ludlow Street between Stanton and Houston while the trucks blocked their path. The folks at Pimps & Pinups didn’t seem to mind the incident much; haircuts continued while firemen walked in and out of the salon.

Followup: Police Search For Killer After Double Execution, Fire at 83 Henry Street

83 Henry Street, Friday afternoon. Photo: kayanch.

More details emerged over the weekend following Friday’s apparent double execution and fire at 83 Henry Street.  Firefighters were called to the scene around 10:40 a.m.  They only discovered after pulling two women from a burning first floor apartment that both victims had been shot in the head. The fire was set to cover up the grisly crime.

Police are searching for the suspect, who is described as a young Asian man seen running from the building Friday morning.   A witness said he was wearing gloves.

The two victims have been identified. They are Xiao L. Li (70 years old); and Yong Hua Chen (36 years old).  Sources told the Post the building is a “known prostitution location.”  Li lived on Bayard Street. Chen reportedly lived in an apartment on Henry Street, but not the one that was set ablaze.  Neither victim had a criminal record. “I never met whoever was renting that apartment,” building super Velentine Rodriguez told the Post (he’s responsible for several other buildings in the area). “I have no idea if one or 10 people live there,” he said.

Police are reviewing surveillance tape from a hotel one block away.