Get Weird With Arto Lindsay at the New Museum

Arto Lindsay performs at the New Museum on Friday.

“Anti-New Wave, No Wave, Punk Jazz, Noise Rock...” Ah, the good old days on the Lower East Side. The 1980’s: when experimental music was commonplace and groups like the Lounge Lizards, DNA and Ambitious Lovers (born of the neighborhood) could be seen playing on any given night in any given dive bar or club. If you are nostalgic for this period, are a music aficionado, or just want to hear some really cool sounds, Arto Lindsay, a member of all three of the aforementioned groups, will be performing selections from his entire career this Friday as part of the New Museum‘s “Get Weird” series. The performance is also in conjunction with the Museum’s exhibition, “Come Closer: Art Around the Bowery, 1969–1989.”