LES Partnership Seeks Artist Proposals For Pedestrian Plazas

Straus Square.

Straus Square.

Here’s a new opportunity for artists on the Lower East Side. The LES Partnership is inviting proposals for artwork to be displayed on seating modules in a few pedestrian plazas throughout the neighborhood.

The local community development organization is refashioning Straus Square (alongside Seward Park) and the Division/Canal Street triangle, among other spaces. A prominent feature of the new plazas will be jersey barricades that double as seating with room for planters.

Here’s more from the Partnership:

The seating is currently in a pre-fabrication phase. Prior to full assembly, we seek the installation of pattern-based artwork on each barrier… We are most interested in colorful designs that add visual impact to this seating infrastructure that will be placed in highly trafficked pedestrian plazas throughout the Lower East Side… Our community panel will select three to five artists to design seating artwork that will then be installed in each plaza space. Each selected artist will be designated a seating configuration where their bench designs will be placed.

The application process is open now and will remain so until March 16. Each artist will receive $1,000 per barricade. Click here for more details.