First Glimpse of 7-Story Building Planned on Clinton Street

Renderings of 50-62 Clinton St. by Isaac Stern Architects.

Renderings of 50-62 Clinton St. by Isaac Stern Architects.

We’re getting our first look this morning at the new residential/commercial building apparently coming to a stretch of Clinton Street between Rivington and Stanton. EV Grieve had the story first. 

As previously reported, retail tenants have been departing the one story commercial building at 52-62 Clinton St. for the past several months.  While no permits have popped up in the Department of Buildings database, these renderings are now viewable on the web site of architectural firm Isaac Stern.

An accompanying description indicates a “mixed-use building… residential and commercial” is planned — 7 stories, “approximately 50,000 square feet.”

50-62 clinton rendering 1

Here’s what we reported back in January:

In 2012, city records show, the building was sold to 50-62 Clinton Realty LLC for $5 million.  The mailing address for the LLC matches up with Icon Realty Management, which has its offices on West 14th Street.  The company is owned by two young real estate moguls, Terrence Lowenberg and Todd Cohen, who have acquired many properties in the past several years, including some in this neighborhood.

Rothstein’s Hardware is the lone holdout, although it will be locating to Ridge Street soon.  Other businesses forced to leave the building include: Blake Scotland, Temple of Ankh, Community 54, Jenny’s Unisex and Spanish restaurant 1492.  While the sale included the building housing acclaimed restaurant wd~50, a spokesperson for chef Wylie Dufresne told The Lo-Down after our initial story in January that he has no plans to leave the building before his lease expires in a couple of years.

50-62 Clinton Street.

50-62 Clinton Street.


2 comments to First Glimpse of 7-Story Building Planned on Clinton Street

  • RivRes

    not all glass and not a hotel…we’ll call this a win

  • Debris Nyc

    ugh-LY carbunkel!!!! horrible horrible horrible! this does NOT even remotely ‘fit’ into the neighborhood!!! in addition, clinton st is built on a river, and that side of the street is constantly ‘sagging’ that is why there are only one story buildings there. not to mention, that whenever there is the slightest construction on clinton – our whole building shakes! i hope they figure out that the ground is not sturdy enough for that yupppie building – and the scrap the whole thing!