New Neighbor: Home Espresso Bar, 250 Broome St.

Home Eespresso Bar, 250 Broome Street.

The other day we heard from Elliott Gabbay, who was hoping to get the word out about Home Espresso Bar, his dad’s new cafe, which just opened a few days ago.  We’re always happy to do our part to spread the word about new independent businesses, so I stopped by 250 Broome Street (the former La Barra space) yesterday to talk with Homayoun (Home for short) Gabbay.

Homayoun Gabbay with "Barista Dan" (Not Gabbay's son).

Gabbay said he’s an East Village resident; his sons live just a couple of blocks away from the cafe. After many years, he retired as a garment importer (a grueling 18-hour-a-day job) and was looking for a new challenge.  The place has been completely renovated (a six month project).

The idea was to create a “homey,’ spot with great atmosphere and service. A limited menu is now available. Next week, they’ll be up to full speed with a selection of breakfast items (including breakfast sandwiches and quiche), soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas and charcuterie/cheese plates. There will be some vegan items, as well. The coffee is supplied by the Brooklyn Roasting Company.

Home Espresso Bar’s hours will be 8 a.m.-10 p.m. They’ll eventually offer delivery and online ordering. The cafe is located on the north side of Broome (between Ludlow and Orchard), right next to babycakes.

3 comments to New Neighbor: Home Espresso Bar, 250 Broome St.

  • David

    Interesting!  I wish them well.

  • Guest

    love seeing the neighborhood doing so well but these guys are inherently rude and huge sourpusses all the time. the owner is constantly frowning and smoking like a chimney outside.

    plus, the food and coffee are bland at best. no thanks, too much good on that block to waste time here.

  • guest

    did they run out of money for the lettering on the door, looks like scribble on an otherwise expensive nice storefront