The Low-Line: Envisioning a Dramatic Park Under Delancey Street

Photo by Danny Fuchs.

The West Side has the High Line. Could the Lower East Side one day boast a dramatic new urban oasis of its own?  In next week’s edition of New York Magazine (now online), James Ramsey (an architect) and Daniel Barasch (a think tank executive) go public with “The Low-Line.”

You’re looking at an enormous abandoned train terminal under Delancey Street that hasn’t been used since the old Brooklyn trolley was shut down decades ago. Using new technology, Ramsey and Barasch envision transporting sunlight to this 60,000 square foot space and building a beautiful underground park, and possibly other amenities.

Wednesday night, they’ll present the idea to members of Community Board 3. Earlier today, I conducted an extensive interview with Ramsey and Barasch.  We’ll have an in-depth report on their proposal Monday.