Food Wire: Shi Eurasia, Pulino’s, Stellina

Photo credit: Grub Street.

In food news:

  • The Times features Shi Eurasia, at 143A Orchard, where you can buy hard to find products from Europe and Asia all in one place. A few examples: vegemite from Australia, calamansi juice from the Philippines, chili-spiked canned tuna from Malaysia and Polish chocolate-covered dried plums. Incidentally, Grub Street had a “first look” at this shop in February.
  • Keith McNally and his new chef, Tony Liu, talk about the remaking of Pulino’s after a rough freshman year.
  • Serious Eats says the banana gelato (which includes crushed animal crackers) at Stellina is pretty great. Having just visited this place ourselves, we’d have to agree. A perfect end to a great meal across the street at Congee Village.