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After Kenny Shopsin’s Death, Shopsin’s General Store Reopens Today in the Essex Street Market

The tributes have been pouring in during the past couple of days for Kenny Shopsin, the brash, big-hearted creative force behind Shopsin's General Store in the Essex Street Market.

Food Wire: Fatta Cuckoo, White Star, Shopsin’s

Lots of catching up to do today, on the food/restaurant beat: Grub Street gets a look at the menus for Fatta Cuckoo, the seasonal Italian restaurant opening on Clinton Street next week.  The chef is Brett Ackerman of Diner and...


Chief Curmudgeon Kenny Shopsin serves up a few hundred (no, that's not a typo) wacky items in his little corner of the Essex Market. Ignore his profane rants and occasional temper tantrums while slurping down one of 54 "made...
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The Lo-Down Culture Cast Episode 6 – Nonhuman Teachers

We spoke with the folks from Nonhuman Teachers, a nonprofit that takes a new approach to ecological storytelling, for...
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