Food Wire: Fatta Cuckoo, White Star, Shopsin’s

Photo via Grub Street.
Photo via Grub Street.

Lots of catching up to do today, on the food/restaurant beat:

  • Grub Street gets a look at the menus for Fatta Cuckoo, the seasonal Italian restaurant opening on Clinton Street next week.  The chef is Brett Ackerman of Diner and Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg. Dinner entrees include: veal dumplings, ginger soy sauce glazed salmon and a ribeye with fries for $22.
  • Grub Street also reports: Mixologist to the stars Sasha Petraske is no longer involved with White Star on Essex Street.
  • Serious Eats samples the breakfast sandwich at Shopsin’s and finds it to be delicious, even though there’s an umbrella stuck on the top.