Roni-Sue’s Chocolates Stall in the Essex Street Market is Closing

Roni-Sue Chocolates' stall at the Essex Street Market.

Roni-Sue Chocolates’ stall at the Essex Street Market.

Rhonda Kave, owner of Roni-Sue’s Chocolates, tells us she’s decided to shut down her stall in the Essex Street Market.

The small business opened in the public market back in 2007. Kave made the decision to downsize in the facility a couple of years ago, while opening a full-scale retail shop and production facility on Forsyth Street. Like many Essex Street Market vendors, Roni-Sue’s Chocolates has struggled during the past few years. Foot traffic took a tumble after the city announced a new market would be opening in 2018 as part of the big Essex Crossing project. A few months ago, Kave reconfigured the stall, offering products from other small businesses. In the end, she said, “We just couldn’t make it profitable.” The stall has been idled since right after Valentine’s Day. Kave informed the Economic Development Corp., which manages the market, of her decision on Friday.

In the past year-and-a-half, there has been a string of closures at the market. New vendors have been opening in their place, including Osaka Grub, which will debut next month.

You can still visit Roni-Sue’s Chocolates at 148 Forsyth St. The shop is open 8 a.m.-7 p.m.

roni-sue's signage


Now Open: Roni-Sue’s Chocolates at 148 Forsyth St.

Last night, Roni-Sue Kave celebrated her new store on the Lower East Side in style.

Roni-Sue’s Chocolates Opens New Location at 148 Forsyth St.

Roni-Sue’s Chocolates is expanding its Lower east Side profile.

Hester Street Fair Profile: First Prize Pies

Roni Sue and Allison Kave.

Our friends at the Hester Street Fair are gearing up for another fun-filled Saturday on the Lower East Side.  You may have already heard the Snap Food Truck, a new venture featuring Chicago-style hot dogs, will be part of this weekend’s fair.  Today, we profile another food-centric vendor: Allison Kave of First Prize Pies.

Allison’s mom is Essex Street chocolate maven Roni-Sue Kave. Her brother, Corwin, is the executive chef of Fatty Crab (yes, you want to score an invitation to dinner at their house!)  Growing up, Allison says, Roni-Sue’s kitchen improvisations made a big impact on the family. Experimenting with different cuisines provided her mom with a creative outlet and instilled in Allison and Corwin an appreciation for imaginative cooking and baking.

First Prize Pies, Hester Street, New Amsterdam, Rooftops

First Prize Pies returns to the Hester Street Fair this weekend.

Lots of neighborhood food news this week. Here’s today’s installment:

  • Allison Kave of First Prize Pies talks to Huffington Post about baking 50 pies a week for sale at Roni-Sue’s in Essex Market and online, plus dozens of minis for the Hester Street Fair, where she returns on Saturday.
  • Speaking of the Hester Street Fair, the full line-up for this weekend–with plenty of sweets in the mix–is here.
  • Continuing a busy weekend of outdoor artisan food events, the New Amsterdam Market debuts its 2011 season Sunday.
  • Time Out New York kicks off its On the Rooftop summer series Tuesday night at Above Allen, at the Thompson LES hotel.
  • Roma Pizza at Essex and Delancey is closed for two months for renovations.

Open & Closed: Food, Drink, Shopping Edition (Updated 12:40pm)

Essex Street, next to Seward Park. Photo by Peter Rojas, via yfrog.

More opening/closing news – food, drink and shopping edition:

  • Fontana’s will be open by 3pm.  Free Wifi.  Serving Hot Chocolate, coffee and Hot toddies!
  • Moo Shoes on Orchard hopes to be open by 1 or 2pm.
  • Babycakes is closed.
  • Roni-Sue’s Chocolates is closed.
  • Berkli Parc, the new coffee shop at Allen & Delancey, is open. Fresh scones are coming out of the oven!
  • Northern Spy is closed for lunch but serving dinner.
  • Dora on East Broadway. Build the first snowman outside their shop and your coffee is FREE for a week!

Essex Market Report

Who says nothing good ever came from Twitter? From Roni Sue of Roni Sue's Chocolates in the Essex Market:

roni_sue Sample something sweet today! Pina Colada and Pomegranate truffles, Buttercrunch, and of course Pig Candy on request!

And over at Saxelby Cheesemongers (also in the Essex Market), their blog has some suggestions for summer snacking. Ann Saxelby says leave the oven off, pick up some "luscious, creamy" burrata and toss it with a green salad. Or how about Salvatore Brooklyn's smokey ricotta, which is "hung in a cheesecloth, smoked over cherry wood, and somehow comes out tasting like a toasted marshmallow."

Thursday News Links

Streetsblog took note of our coverage of Councilman Gerson's transportation town hall Monday night, saying "the session successfully gathered up ideas from ill-informed cranks."  They concluded:

A quick CrashStat check reveals
that, contrary to Mr. Jacob's (LES resident who said there had only been one fatality in the area) gut assertion, several people have been
killed by autos while walking on Grand Street in recent years. Co-op
Village, like many other housing developments in the area, is home to a
big senior population. Those pedestrian refuges make Grand Street safer to cross and less intimidating to older New Yorkers.
Rolling back critical safety improvements that improve seniors' quality
of life — is that really the kind of "community input" that Gerson
wants to align himself with?

The Villager's take on the town hall is now online. Harold Jacob gets a starring role in their write-up, as well:

 Jacob recalled that Margaret Forgione, D.O.T. Manhattan borough
commissioner, told a Lower East Side forum earlier this year that the
Grand St. median island was intended to avoid pedestrian deaths on a
section of Grand St. where there had been three fatalities. Jacob said
he obtained records through a Freedom of Information Law request and
found that there were no fatalities at that location, but that there
had been one death on Clinton St. after a safety island had been
installed at an intersection.

The Villager also has more on the New York Housing Authority's new pet policy, banning pit bulls and other breeds.

The Tenement Museum's blog has a few interesting posts on the groundbreaking artists who told the stories of immigrant life on the Lower East Side.

Just in time for Mother's Day, Metromix profiles a dynamic duo: Roni-Sue of Roni-Sue's Chocolates in the Essex Street Market and her son Corwin Kave of Fatty Crab.

Roni Sue’s Chocolates

Chocolate covered bacon! Need we say more? Roni Sue Kave creates a wide range of interesting chocolate-based morsels in her shop at the Essex Street Market.

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