Red-Tailed Hawk Reminiscing!

Still image from video. Courtesy: Max Nova.

Ah, yes — post some photos of a red-tailed hawk and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a reaction.  After we published some images of a hawk hanging out near Seward Park, Max Nova recalled this drop-in guest on the roof of his apartment at East 2nd Street and Avenue B three years ago.  This video was captured during a fashion shoot Max was directing.  Have a look.

Photos: Red-Tailed Hawk on the Lower East Side

Near Seward Park. Photos by Bahram Foroughi.

Over the weekend, Bahram Foroughi spotted a red-tailed hawk hanging out near Seward Park.  These photos were taken at East Broadway and Clinton streets.

Featured Photo: Red-Tailed Hawk on the Lower East Side

Red-tailed Hawk on the L.E.S. - photo by Rich Caplan

Thanks to photographer and L.E.S. resident Rich Caplan, who sent us this photo of a red-tailed hawk coming in for a landing on a building vent at 208 E. Broadway.  Could the Pale Male family be venturing downtown for some new lodgings?