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Featured Photo: Red-Tailed Hawk on the Lower East Side

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Red-tailed Hawk on the L.E.S. - photo by Rich Caplan

Thanks to photographer and L.E.S. resident Rich Caplan, who sent us this photo of a red-tailed hawk coming in for a landing on a building vent at 208 E. Broadway.  Could the Pale Male family be venturing downtown for some new lodgings?

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  1. I saw that hawk in Seward Park (the park, not the coop) a week or two ago. You don’t realize just how big those wings are until it swoops across the playground 5 feet over your head. Very cool (as long as it doesn’t attack me or my kid).

  2. My son Phoenix and I heard something land on our living room AC…it was a red tail hawk. When we came closer to look, it flew away and flew around with another hawk. We then watched them chase after some pigeons. Phoenix knew when he saw the bird that it was a Red Tailed Hawk!

  3. Hey Randi- sounds like Phoenix is a budding birder!

    On Saturday I was doing my long run in Central Park when a red tailed hawk swooped in front of me /my running partner.

    Micah is right about the impressive wingspan and power!

    Turns out the hawk’s swooping arc was the culmination of a hunting move- our sudden approach caused the hawk to drop his prey, as our close inspection of the trail of feathers soon proved.

    I often see a hawk on the hunt in my runs along the ERP- the birds seem to nest like osprey, in high up towers and poles in open hunting grounds, chasing pigeons for sport.

    Is the hawk a natural solution to some of our urban “wildlife” woes?

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