The NuBlu Orchestra Comes to East River Park Bandshell in Tribute to Butch Morris

NuBlu Orchestra conducted by the late Butch Morris | Image by Joao M. Nogueira via Flickr

NuBlu Orchestra conducted by the late Butch Morris | Image by Joao M. Nogueira via Flickr

Tomorrow night’s SummerStage performance features longstanding local favorite, NuBlu Orchestra. The group was born out of the core group of musicians associated with the Lower East Side club on Avenue C of the same name. Known for their “collective improvisation,” an eccentric mix of jazz and electronic beats,  The evening, titled “We Play For You, Butch Morris,” is seemingly a tribute to the late and great Butch Morris, who invented Conduction®, a vocabulary of symbols and gestures used to modify or construct a real-time musical composition.  Morris was the orchestra’s original conductor-composer.

The NuBlu Orchestra will play at the East River Park bandshell, along with DarkMatterHalo featuring Wadada Leo Smith and Black February (2012), Vipal Monga’s first feature-length documentary, which chronicles the unprecedented series of concerts performed in February 2005 by Morris, will serve as the backdrop.

For more info on tomorrow night’s festivities, click here.

August 10 | Free Admission | 7pm to 9pm |East River Park Bandshell

Weekend Music Picks

Here are musician Ken Beasley’s top music picks on the Lower East Side this weekend:

GIVERS – Saturday, Nov. 6 | 7:30pm at Mercury Lounge

Givers (avoiding the urge to say THE Givers) come all the way from Louisiana, and they have a lot to give indeed. I’m a sucker for groups with two lead vocalists, and their constant switching between guy and gal vocals definitely hooked me. Thankfully, that’s not the extent of their uniqueness. The arrangements they create are definitely soundscapes.