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masaryk towers

City Looks to Preserve Masaryk Towers Affordability

The city administration is close to making a deal to preserve 1,109 affordable cooperative apartments at Masaryk Towers.

Masaryk Towers Rejects Pleas to Reconsider Rivington Street Closure

According to Grand Street Settlement, Masaryk Towers has rejected pleas to make accommodations for local residents impacted by the closure of the co-op's Rivington Street gates.

Masaryk Towers-Grand Street Settlement in Talks; “Informational Rally” Scheduled

Tensions appear to have lessoned somewhat in the past week between Masaryk Towers and at least some of its neighbors.

Followup: Masaryk Towers Closes Rivington Street Walkway (Updated)

We have more this afternoon on the decision by Masaryk Towers to close the passageway on Rivington Street that cuts through the co-operative complex. As we first reported Friday, the move is not sitting well with many Masaryk neighbors,...

Masaryk Towers Closes Rivington Street Gates

There have been some tense moments outside the Masaryk Towers apartment complex this afternoon. The cooperative today carried out a long-expected and controversial plan -- closing gates on a de-mapped section of Rivington Street, between Columbia and Pitt streets....

“Beyond Martial Arts” Supporters Protest Eviction

Students, parents and owners of a karate school, Beyond Martial Arts, gathered on Columbia Street yesterday afternoon to protest the organization's eviction from a commercial space in the Masaryk Towers residential complex. The city marshal posted a notice on the...

Masaryk Towers Finally Appears Ready to Close Rivington Street Walkway (Updated)

Masaryk Towers, the middle income cooperative, has been talking about closing a passageway along a de-mapped section of Rivington Street for at least a decade. This past Friday, it appeared to some locals that the co-op's board of directors...

Seahorse Swim Club Plans to Reopen at Masaryk Towers

This past summer, the Seahorse Swim Club at Masaryk Towers abruptly shuttered in the midst of a dispute between the owner of the Lower East Side facility and the operator of the popular swim program. Today there's some potential...

Seahorse Swim Club at Masaryk Towers Closed; “Illegal Lockout” Suit Filed (Updated 6/26)

We received a tip the other day from a local parent wondering what's going on at the Seahorse Swim Club, located within Masaryk Towers on Columbia Street.  Sure enough, there's a sign on the door from building management saying...

Affordable Apartment Watch: Lottery Opens at Masaryk Towers

If past postings are any guide, there's going to be high interest in this one.  The city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development has opened up a lottery for apartments at Masaryk Towers, the affordable co-op on Columbia Street....
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