More Than a Month After Sandy, Knickerbocker Station Post Office Still Struggling

The service window at the Knickerbocker Station Post Office. Photo by Brittany Somerset.

Lower East Side-based photojournalist Brittany Somerset noticed that things have not returned to normal at the Knickerbocker Station Post Office, weeks after Superstorm Sandy. Here’s her report:

The Knickerbocker Station Post Office, on the border of the Lower East Side and Chinatown (128 East Broadway) is still feeling the detrimental effects of Hurricane Sandy, over one month after Hurricane Sandy subsided. The violent storm flooded the post office, taking out the majority of its communication systems.

“Many of our phone lines and computers are still down,” one USPS worker said. “As a result, we can’t offer our customers any money orders, and can’t take any credit card payments.”  Customers who try to call the post office are continually met with frustrating busy signals.