Thursday News Links

Four men are in custody in Lower Manhattan, suspected of plotting to blow up two synagogues in the Bronx. Authorities say they were "aspirational," meaning they had the will but not the weapons or expertise to launch a major terrorist attack.

Mayor Bloomberg holds a summit meeting at Gracie Mansion this afternoon to try to break a stalemate between the Port Authority and developer Larry Silverstein over the fate of ground zero. State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver called for the summit two weeks ago, saying he was "fed up" with the delays. The New York Observer notes that Silver has no direct say in the outcome, only a bully pulpit. But the New York Post views Silver as a key player in finally resolving the conflict.

The mayor is facing growing criticism that the city hasn't moved fast enough to close schools affected by the swine flu outbreak.

Job posting of the day, via Twitter:
Small group of Jewish students interested in stories and poems written
by contemporary Yiddish writers with the intention of forming a new
quarterly publication in Yiddish. Please write a brief inquiry if you
are interested in contributing.

Silver: Fed Up With Stalling at Ground Zero

At a breakfast sponsored by the Alliance for Downtown New York this morning, State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said he's tired with the haggling about what to do at ground zero. The New York Times, saying Silver is "emerging as perhaps the most powerful politician in the state," reports he seems to be backing Larry Silverstein's vision of three huge towers at the site.

Images-1 According to the Times, Silver said, "Seven years and eight months after the attacks, I am fed up with the
stalling and I am exasperated with the current state of the World Trade
Center project,” Calling for a summit meeting between Silverstein and the Port Authority, Silver said all parties have a responsibility to "rebuild this American community."  Some realtors, concerned about the high office vacancy rates downtown, are skeptical about a grandiose plan at the WTC site.