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electronics recycling

Sponsored: Recycle Your E-Waste This Sunday at Tompkins Square

Our friends at the Lower East Side Ecology Center are hosting their Spring e-waste recycling event at Tompkins Square Park this Sunday, March 20th @ 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Bring your unwanted electronics to their e-waste collection event. They will...

Sponsored Post: Join the Lower East Side Ecology Center for Free eWaste Recycling

Join the Lower East Side Ecology Center for free eWaste Recycling right in our neighborhood, and avoid a fine! This Sunday September 20th, find the Ecology Center set up curbside along Avenue A between E9th and E10th Streets just outside Tompkins Square...

Electronics Recycling Sunday on Delancey Street

Have you got a computer, a television or, maybe, a cell phone to unload? Luck would have it the Lower East Side Ecology Center and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver are sponsoring an e-recycling event on Sunday. You can drop...
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New: Introduction to Pilates and the Reformer (Sponsored)

Pilates is a unique form of low-impact exercise in both its practice and the benefits you will derive in...
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