WNYC: Streit’s “Staying Put” on the LES

On the Lower East Side, some of the best things are still free. For example: a visit to the Streit’s Matzo bakery on Rivington Street.  As Passover approaches each year, major media outlets tend to make the pilgrimage to the old factory.  WNYC did just that for its “Niche Market” series.

In the not too distant past the Streit’s property was put up for sale. A couple of years ago, Alan Adler (who runs the company these days) told us they’d decided to stay put, although moving out of the neighborhood was a possibility if the right offer came along. Today WNYC reports:

The Streit family said they will stay put on the Lower East Side despite the inconveniences of having a factory in Manhattan. They believe the original oven and the New York City water are what makes the taste of Streit’s matzo unique.

Streit’s Matzo

At the Streit’s Matzo factory on Rivington Street, a small retail store offers a full line of products, including matzo, matzo ball soup mix, gefilte fish, etc. As an extra bonus, you can catch a glimpse of the matzo bakers next door.

148-154 Rivington, at Suffolk


Hours Mon-Thu, 9am-4:30pm; Fri-Sun, closed

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