Seward Park Conservancy to Host Rooftop Gala at Nine Orchard

Seward Park Conservancy will host a rooftop gala on Monday, October 24 at the newly restored hotel, Nine Orchard in the landmarked Jarmulowsky Bank Building.

The conservancy was created by the organization Friends of Seward Park, a neighborhood group that was concerned about the park’s state of disrepair, in 2014.

The park is home to the oldest municipal playground in the U.S., and has been a public space for residents and visitors to enjoy since the early 1900’s.

In 2019 the park was redesigned as part of the Parks Without Borders project to its present-day status. The group advocates for the park “concerning funding for preservation, renewal and restoration of the park and its facilities in partnership with the Department of Parks.”

Two major initiatives of the conservancy were the renewal of the Library Plaza and the restoration of the historic Schiff Memorial Fountain. As part of the Parks Without Borders project, the Library Plaza has been redesigned. They continue to raise funds for restoration of the Schiff fountain.

You can learn more and buy tickets to the rooftop gala here.