Nukhufest Pops Up at Chinatown Soup

The Nukhu Foundation brings its annual film festival and programming for young and emerging artists to Chinatown Soup (16B Orchard Street) on Monday, Sept. 26th – Saturday, Oct. 1st.

The festival is an annual event that culminates around the selection of the “Best Nuvee film.” Viewers help decide the winner of the year by voting online.

Top 10 finalists will be announced on September 24th. The Nuvee that receives the most votes by 8pm EST on September 30th is declared the 2022 Best Nuvee and winner of a $3,000 development-to-distribution grant.

Stills from the 2022 Top 10 Finalists will be featured in an exhibition at Soup Gallery.

You can RSVP for the free workshops here.

Learn more and follow them on Instagram here.