Think!Chinatown Hosts Fourth Annual Chinatown Arts Week

Think!Chinatown brings Chinatown Arts Week back for a fourth year from October 15 – October 24. The free festival features a variety of programming celebrating the culture of Manhattan’s Chinatown. The lineup includes grassroots Chinatown artists and emerging Asian American artists in context and dialogue with each other. The week kicks off with a final evening of “Chinatown Nights,” a night market at Forsyth Plaza with performing artists and rotating vendors.

Photograph by Ed Cheng – Chinatown Arts Week 2020

Other programs include:

  • Stand Speak Shape” – the large-scale crochet mural to be installed in Columbus Park by the Chinatown Yarn Circle
  • “Mirror Flower, Water Moon 镜花水月” – a live art installation featuring vignettes of Chinese dance, traditional papercut art, and classical Chinese instrumental music
  • Two exhibitions of works from the Asian American Arts Centre collection
  • A sword and long fan dance from Red Silk Dancers followed by a flowing dance workshop
  • A dance party featuring vinyls from the Asian diaspora to celebrate a new mural on a neighborhood newsstand