Petisco Vegano is Closing After 15 Years at 189 East Broadway

The economic impact of the pandemic is being felt across the Lower East Side. The latest casualty is Cafe Vegano, the well-liked local restaurant at 189 East Broadway. The owners of the 15-year-old spot across from Seward Park made the announcement on social media Friday night.

They explained in a letter to customers, “Our landlord has made it extremely difficult for us to operate and continues to do so… After many months of back and forth between ourselves and our landlord, we were unable to come to an agreement on how to move forward and remain a part of this community.” The operators added, “We will post on social media once we find a new home for Petisco Vegano. We are doing everything we can to see you all again soon!!!”

In the spring of 2019, Petisco Vegano abruptly closed and remained shuttered for several months before re-emerging in August of 2019 as an all vegan restaurant.  You can visit for one last meal until Tuesday, when Petisco will close at 189 East Broadway for good.