Mark DeGarmo Dance Creates Global Dance Circle, Calls For Dancers

Although the pandemic has put live dance performance on pause, local dance company Mark DeGarmo Dance has produced some heartwarming “Global Dance Circles” online. Starting with their prompt, “We asked our global communities to send us clips of how they’re dancing around the world…,” the company compiled some beautiful clips from dancers and has turned them into a series of videos on their YouTube channel.  The dance circles seem to have caught on and they are now seeking dancers for their fourth video. They write:

MDD is now seeking submissions for our next “Global Dance Circle” video! Professional and recreational dancers are all invited to submit a clip. To be included in MDD’s next “Global Dance Circle” video, email a 10-second clip of your best moves to! Please include:

– Your name, as you would like it to appear in the video
– Your Instagram to be tagged in the IGTV video
– Your location (City, State/Region, Country)
– A few short sentences about yourself

Deadline to submit: September 18th.