A Chinatown Classic, Fong On, Re-Emerges at 81 Division St.


One of Chinatown’s oldest businesses is making a comeback.

Back in 2017, Fong Inn Too, the iconic Mott Street tofu shop, closed its doors. But now Paul Eng, part of the family that’s run the business since 1933, is debuting a new version of the retail store a few blocks to the east at 81 Division St.

Opening day is tomorrow (Saturday, Aug. 17). The new shop will be called Fong On, which is what the wholesale business has always been named. There’s a pristine retail counter up front, where you’ll be able to purchase fresh tofu, soy milk and other time-honored family recipes.

A few weeks ago, Grub Street profiled Fong On, and talked to Eng and others about the difficulties of running an old school independent business in Chinatown.

Fong on opens on Saturday at 11 a.m.