Woody Fu’s “Too Many Asians” Returns to UCB


If you missed Woody Fu‘s one-man comedy show, “Too Many Asians” last month, there are a couple more chances, beginning tonight, June 24, and again on July 22. After bringing his hit Youtube episodes of “Asian American Studies” to Slamdance earlier this year, Fu began performing these new characters in his solo show.

In a recent phone interview he said he’s been working on these “weirdo characters” for a year or two, and realized he had enough of them to string together for a comprehensive show this spring.

Fu is a DJ who has been doing improv and sketch comedy professionally since 2015.

“I wrote this show because I want to see characters that look like me on stage,” he said, “and I look like me, so I’m playing every single character.”

He plays a K-pop boy band, at one point in the show, and an anime character who happens to be a prosecuting attorney, among others.

He also wants us to know it has a feel good ending…”So, in the final analysis,” Fu said, “it actually has the perfect number of Asians.”

You can purchase tickets here.