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Layout and Cleaning of Turkish Carpets

Vintage Turkish rugs are among the very first Antique Oriental rugs categorized in Europe. They were artistically influential and prized commodity pieces. The layout of a vintage Turkish rug includes little repeating patterns, prayer rugs, and legendary gules.

These rugs need to be professionally cleaned by a rug cleaning specialist only.

Kinds of Turkish Rugs

Painters were so inspired by the design motifs of Turkish rugs that their titles were lent to famous Turkish patterns.

There are a wide variety of Turkish fashions: Elegant, curve-linear patterns are featured in Heroku rugs. They are found in Ottoman palaces, which are the most well-known weaving centers in Turkey. The beautiful, room-sized rugs of Oushak are revered for their soft pastel colors. Theodor Tuduc, a Romanian master weaver, also produced exceptional carpets.

Many were based on existing designs and styles from Persia, Turkey, and the Caucasus. Elegant, classic Turkish rugs are superbly diverse in design, quality, texture and look.

Collectors and fans seek Turkish rugs, as they date back to the start of civilization. The techniques for making Turkish rugs have been handed down for generations. Authentic Turkish rugs are hand-woven. Various materials like silk or goat’s skin are used. They are highly delicate and also a challenge to keep clean. The cloth can’t be treated aggressively. Harsh treatment can destroy the rug.

Strategies for Caring for Turkish Rugs

It is vital to know the material used, whether it is hand-woven, and also the type of knots used. You can find machine made rugs, too — how a rug is made affects how to look after it.

When purchasing a Turkish rug, ask the retailer for care instructions. Sometimes instructions are found on the label. Antique rugs often do not have printed care instructions on the sticker.

Turkish rugs made of silk are quite sensitive. Extra care is needed, and brushing can be detrimental. Use only mild detergents, or better yet, leave the cleaning to professionals. It is important to vacuum the rugs regularly.

Daily cleaning with a hard bristle brush which doesn’t damage the carpet is one cleaning approach. At least once per year, be advised to take a rug to a professional who can deep clean it. Handmade rugs need to be hand cleaned with additional care.

Reason for Cleaning

Rugs do not always seem dirty, but slowly they get dull, and the fringe begins to look bad. Waiting triggers dust, particularly silica, that sinks into the carpeting. When it’s wool or cotton, the pieces scratch the fibers. It is not foot traffic that produces a threadbare carpet.

The dirt from foot traffic that is not swept, beaten, or washed causes problems — a rubber rug pad under the carpet that cushions compression does not keep soil from sinking deep into rugs. Cleanliness is the most critical step in the preservation of a handmade carpet. It is the best means of preventing damage.

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