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Weekend Events: “CHARAS is Alive on Spaceship Earth”

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On Wednesday evening, an exhibition opened at Loisaida Center, titled “CHARAS is Alive on Spaceship Earth.”  Tonight and Saturday, related events will take place in the East Village. First an explanation from the organizers:

The history of geodesic dome building on the LES goes back to when CHARAS built domes in collaboration with architect Buckminster Fuller in 1972-73. Syeus Mottel documented this effort in his photo-journalism book CHARAS THE IMPROBABLE DOME BUILDERS, first published in 1974 and now reprinted in 2017 by Song Cave Press & Pioneer Works. Through a collaborative project between Loisaida Inc., La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez and DIAP (Digital Intermedia MFA program at City College), artist and researcher Matthew Mottel, son of Syeus Mottel, will build 2 geodesic domes (one at La Plaza and the other at the Loisaida Inc. Center’ courtyard) as an interactive art installation. In interviewing Carlos “Chino” Garcia as part of his research, Matthew was told that the domes CHARAS built functioned as both recreational activity spaces and as experimental examples of how to build disaster relief housing in non urban areas. The same functions apply now. The dome at La Plaza Cultura, will be seen from the street, with high visibility. This will bring people to the other dome in the courtyard and exhibition happening at Loisaida Center, which will feature a more detailed documentation of the original events of 1972-73. This work highlights the achievements of CHARAS and hopefully expands the pressure on the NYC mayoral office to follow through on their promise to re-acquire El Bohío for the Loisaida community. The week of the exhibition opening, many public performances, talks and workshops will transpire in both the Loisaida Center and at La Plaza Cultural. These events are directly influenced by the type of programming that happened during the 20+ years of events and exhibitions of El Bohio before being pushed out of its iconic and historic location on 9th Street, formerly known as P.S. 64.

Now the events. Tonight at 6 p.m., CHARAS founder Chino Garcia will be interviewed and there will be a screening of the documentary at Loisaida Center. Tomorrow at 4 p.m., there will be poetry, music and projection performances at La Plaza Cultural. In the evening, at 7:30 p.m., there will be a geodesic dome projection performance in the courtyard of the Loisaida Center.

Click here for more details.

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