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Charter a Flight For Your Next Corporate Event in New York (Sponsored)

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Attending a corporate event in New York? Avoid the cramped seats, long wait times, and limited luggage space of a commercial flight and rent a private jet for your travels. For the elite executive who doesn’t have time to waste at an airport, a private plane would undeniably be the better choice.  

The boarding and unboarding process on a commercial aircraft can make even the best of us want to scream. There’s always that one person who holds up the line wrestling their carry-on out of the overhead bin, and even if everything goes smoothly, the line itself moves at an infuriatingly slow pace. Don’t end your trip on a frustrating note. With no one except you, your pilot, and your guests, you’ll be able to get off the plane the minute it touches the runway.

Tempted to purchase a first-class ticket? A first-class cabin can’t rival the elite comfort of chartering your own jet. Don’t worry about trying to mold your schedule around a commercial flight’s departure, layover, and arrival times. With your own on-demand aircraft rental, a dedicated pilot will fulfill your schedule at your set pace and time.

Now, when flying into New York City, you have five airport choices: Newark Airport, Westchester County Airport, Teterboro Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and JFK Airport. Ask your dedicated GOGO Jet concierge to help you arrange the perfect ground transportation for you and your guests.   


There’s a legion of things to do in New York and you’ll be sure to get the most out of the city during your business trip. New York City is the cultural capital of the world, as well as home to some of the best eateries in the culinary industry. Visit Keens Steakhouse for the best steak in the tristate area, and who can resist some good old New York Pizza? If craving Japanese sake, Sakagura would be an excellent choice, especially if you’re ready to wind down for the day.

If in need of more recommendations, your dedicated GOGO Jets concierge will give you a list of choices tailored to your needs. Make every corporate trip a vacation by booking with GOGO Jets, your premier charter jet rental source.

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