Caveat, A Salon-Style Event Space, Takes Over at 21A Clinton St.


A new team has moved into the performance space at 21A Clinton St. (formerly The Living Theatre and most recently the C.O.W. Theatre) offering a brand new lineup of events — plus food and drinks — geared toward the intellectually minded. The new incarnation is called Caveat, and founder Ben Lillie is a self proclaimed physicist turned storyteller turned event producer, co-founder of The Story Collider, former TED writer, and a Moth StorySLAM champion.


The team is made up of arts and science-y types with experience in producing live pod-casts and events, and promises: “We’re redefining the boundary between intellect and entertainment. When the thirst for knowledge hits, you don’t have to sit at home watching TED Talks or binge-reading Wikipedia: this is a home for people who love learning, playing, and getting tipsy.”


Early slated events include a sold out kick-off night with Story Collider NYC, a conversation series with science writer Carl Zimmer titled, “What is Life?,” a monthly cross-generational storytelling night for women and a conversation with author Maryn McKenna on her investigative book covering antibiotics in our food supply.