Bring on the Schmear! Kossar’s Bialys Reopens Friday

Photo via Kossar's Instagram.
Photo via Kossar's Instagram.
Photo via Kossar’s Instagram.

Your wait for the return of Kossar’s Bialys is almost over. The newly renovated space at 367 Grand St. reopens to the public on Friday, after more than four months.

In the New York Times today, Florence Fabricant has a mini preview:

The working bakery in the back is now enclosed in glass, and the storefront is no longer drab, newly decked out with subway tiles and white marble. And now you can order your bialy sliced and filled with cream cheese, peanut butter, hummus and even whitefish salad, which was never offered before. Kossar’s is also making its own cream cheeses, labeled (and trademarked) as Schmears, in flavors like lox, vegetable, horseradish and everything bagel. The bialys have gone on a flavor trip, too, with sun-dried tomato, olive and apple-cinnamon. There are also pletzls (onion flatbreads), challahs and babkas. Sandwiches like the Yenta, with whitefish salad and pastrami salmon, are available for the first time.

We’ll have much more on the relaunch of Kossar’s Bagels& Bialys tomorrow.