Report: Residents Trapped Again in Elevator That Took Young Man’s Life

The Daily News reports that the Lower East Side elevator which malfunctioned New Year’s Eve, killing a 25-year-old man, is still not working:

The elevator where a Bronx man was crushed on New Year’s Eve was supposedly fixed two days ago. But it stalled, trapping residents inside once again, The Daily News has learned. Firefighters had to respond Monday to the Broome Street building, where Stephen Hewett Brown was killed, to free the trapped, residents said. “That particular elevator was cleared just 48 hours ago, and people got stuck in it again yesterday,” said Daisy Paez, chair of the Grand Street Guild Tenant Association. “We live in a 26-story building where people have become hostages in their own homes.”

Wavecrest Management, which operates the three-building Grand Street Guild complex, did not respond to the News’ requests for comment. The elevator slammed down on Stephen Hewett Brown Dec. 31, taking his life. After the tragedy, Wavecrest Management said the elevators had been modernized in 2011, but residents dispute that. An investigation by the Department of Buildings is ongoing.

In the City Council yesterday, legislation was introduced that would require elevator repairmen to be licensed. Similar legislation has been languishing in Albany for several years. Earlier this month, State Sen. Daniel Squadron and Assemblyman Keith Wright called for renewed efforts to pass the bill in both houses.