Photos: Clinton Street Love Mob

Socrates Hair Design, 3 Clinton St.

Socrates Hair Design, 3 Clinton St.
Socrates Hair Design, 3 Clinton St.

One of the many happenings for Lower East Side History Month, we tagged along last week during the Clinton Street Love Mob. Artists were teamed up with longtime Clinton Street business owners to help tell their stories. It was a project of Fourth Arts Block, Good Old Lower East Side, the Association of Latino Business and Residents and Zipcard. $300 was raised for the Mark DeGarmo Dance Company during the after-party at Barramundi.

Participants visited Socrates Hair Design, Santo Domingo Bakery, Cibao Restaurant, East Village Wines & Liquors  and the former site of Rothstein’s Hardware. Participating artists were: Rachel Zaretsky, Erin Sweeny, Kerry Cox, Miguel Trelles, Raul Rios, Kennia Ramirez and Bridget Bartolini. The tour ended with a “Cake Walk” in front of the bakery and a storytelling gathering at Barramundi (ICYMI Barramundi is only open for until the end of June before it transitions to new ownership).

There’s never been a better time to visit these businesses:

Socrates Hair Design

Santo Domingo Bakery

Cibao Restaurant

Rothstein’s Hardware (relocated to Ridge Street)

East Village Wine and Liquors


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