NYPD Sues 169 Bar Following Underage Drinking Sting

169 East Broadway.

169 East Broadway.
169 East Broadway.

One of the more popular watering holes on the Lower East Side, 169 Bar, has been taken to court by the NYPD.

The dive at 169 East Broadway faces a lawsuit in civil court, a tactic the police department sometimes uses against nightlife establishments. On two occasions in November of last year, underage auxiliary officers were able to walk inside the bar after a doorman checked their ID’s. Both times, the undercover officers were served beers.

The lawsuit states that the city is entitled to ask for a $1,000 fine each day the bar was in violation of the law and that it’s within its rights to shut the establishment down for a one year period. It should be noted, however, that these cases usually settle, with the bar paying a fine and agreeing to certain operating restrictions.

Here’s a statement we received from Charles Hanson, 169 Bar’s owner:

Customers, friends and fans of the 169 Bar know it is not a underage destination or hang out. If anything it is the opposite, the bar was created to appeal to people in their 30’s and 40’s and they make up the greater portion of our base. We play no contemporary music, most between 1940 to 1970’s and even if by definition we are a restaurant we will not allow any underage to be seated to eat, without a parent. Our customers also know that our doormen are tough and strict. We believe the accusations will be proven false.

The two sides are due back in court on Thursday. The story was first reported by DNA Info.

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