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Wing Shoon on East Broadway Shuttered by Marshal

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It appears the city marshal has taken possession of Wing Shoon Seafood Restaurant at 165 E. Broadway. The gates are down and an official notice posted on the door today. A marshal’s notice generally indicates the landlord has called in authorities to lock a tenant out for unpaid rent.

The Chinese restaurant has struggled with the city’s health department regulations in the last couple of years, earning 38 points on its last two inspections. In March and August, inspectors cited it for cleanliness and food storage issues.

We’ll have an update when we know more.

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  1. This is scary – now maybe a bar will want to take over this space. That would ruin the special nature of that quiet corner

  2. ORIGINAL site of the Garden Cafeteria – hang out for writers from the Jewish Forward, Isaac Bashevis Singer; and artists from the Educational Alliance (Moses Soyer to Barnett Newman, and Adolph Gottlieb) and socialists from the workmen’s circle and visitors like Trotsky and Castro,

  3. Wing Shoon is one of the filthiest restaurants in Chinatown/Lower East Side. When they received the meat off the delivery trucks they would put the uncooked pigs/chicken/beef directly on the floor of their basement. Would wash the plates & silverware in hot water, no soap & would rinse the old tea cups with left-over hot tea then replace the cups back on the tables. Why did it take the health department so long to figure this out?

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