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Feed Me a Story: Diana’s Macaroni

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We are posting a weekly video installment from “Feed Me a Story,” the project created by multimedia artists Theresa Loong and Laura Nova that was featured last month here. It’s part of the  FABLES Public Art project produced by FABnyc which kicked off in May.

This is number six, in our countdown of eight recipes. In “Diana’s Macaroni” Diana teaches us to make a traditional Italian dish from her childhood. What’s the secret to Diana’s Macaroni, Meatballs & Sausage? A little water, a light touch and prayer.

Along with a giant mural (at First Street Green Park) made up of photos of the eight different family dishes they selected from seniors on the Lower East Side,  the project includes videos of the residents preparing the dishes and sharing their personal histories. The featured recipes include meals made by Jewish, Italian, Chinese and Puerto Rican families based in the neighborhood.


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