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New Development Forces Rothstein’s Hardware to Move From Clinton Street

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50-62 Clinton Street.
50-62 Clinton Street.

Rothstein’s Hardware is leaving its storefront at 56 Clinton St. after 60 years.  Yesterday, we spoke with current owner Raymond Rodriguez, who said he’s preparing to move the business to 106 Ridge St. (near Rivington Street).

In recent months, all of the businesses in a one-story building (52-62 Clinton St.) have closed.  They include: Blake Scotland, Temple of Ankh, Community 54, Jenny’s Unisex and 1492 (a once popular restaurant that actually went out of business a couple of years ago).

Rodriguez, whose family has owned the hardware store since 1981,  said all of the businesses are being cleared out to make way for a new apartment building.  He said some longtime tenants, including his own store, lacked leases and were, therefore, not eligible for buyouts.  Some of the newer tenants did receive buyouts.

rothstein hardware moving sign

In 2012, city records show, the building was sold to 50-62 Clinton Realty LLC for $5 million.  The mailing address for the LLC matches up with Icon Realty Management, which has its offices on West 14th Street.  The company is owned by two young real estate moguls, Terrence Lowenberg and Todd Cohen, who have acquired many properties in the past several years, including some in this neighborhood.

No sign as of yet in Buildings Department records what exactly they have planned on this particular stretch of Clinton Street.   Incidentally, the 2012 acquisition included 50 Clinton St., which has been home to Wylie Dufresne’s celebrated restaurant, wd-50, since 2003.  The restaurant is in the last few years of a long-term lease.  There are no signs that Dufresne is getting ready to move, but we have a call into wd-50 for more information.

Rothstein’s Hardware should be relocated to Ridge Street in a matter of days, Rodriguez said.

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